Leisure Insurance

Our leisure insurance proposals: 


  • Coverage for damage and theft of equipment while kept by the caddy master or stored in an officially recognized club. 
  • Expenses related to the celebration of a ‘hole in one’. 
  • Public liability coverage. 
  • Personal accidents.
    Annual duration, with automatic renewal. 
  • Premium based on the insured sum. 


With extensive coverage to enjoy your trips with total safety. We offer 24/7 assistance to make sure you can handle every unforeseen event that may arise during your trip. 


  • Coverage of medical assistance, rescue on the slopes and repatriation. 
  • Expenses such as the transfer and accommodation of the companions in case of hospitalization are included. 
  • Loss of ski passes and ski lessons due to repatriation. 
  • Luggage loss. 
  • Legal assistance. 


Make sure you practice it with all the coverages. What types of hunting insurance do we offer? 

  • Compulsory: Public Liability Insurance for bodily harm caused to other people during the activity, up to a maximum of 90151,82€ per victim. This insurance is required by law to obtain your license and go hunting. 
  • Voluntary: You can extend the coverages of your compulsory hunting insurance in three different levels, not only for personal but also material damages. 

Also included are civil bonds, defence and bonds for criminal liability and risks not included in the compulsory insurance, such as participating as an amateur in authorized competitions or using dogs, among others. 

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