Health Insurance

Regarding health insurance, we can find the following categories: 

  1. Medical directory policies: All our insurances offer a high-quality medical directory and an exclusive service at the best price. 
  1. Reimbursement policies: With this policy you can choose the doctor and hospital, nation and worldwide, regardless the medical directory arranged by the insurer. This is a perfect option for those who prefer to go to their private doctor or, in the case of illness, to the centre that they consider most appropriate. 
  1. New Dental Insurance: An exclusive insurance with comprehensive dental assistance, which offers access to all private dental services at very favourable prices, through a medical directory with more than 1300 professionals, including: 
  • Dental extractions. 
  • Dental fillings. 
  • Endodontics. 
  • Periodontics. 
  • Preventive dentistry. 
  • Dental prosthesis. 
  • Orthodontics. 
  • Implantology. 
  • Dental surgery. 
  • Dental aesthetics. 

Due to the importance of preventing and protecting our teeth, we offer the following services completely for free: 

  • Emergencies. 
  • Regular check-ups. 
  • Dental cleaning. 
  • Fluoridation. 
  • Oral hygiene education. 
  • Tooth extractions. 
  • Maintenance and repair of prostheses. 

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