Life clause in health insurance.

Depending on the contract signed with the Insurer, a health insurance policy can “last forever”. There exist different possibilities in terms of expiration, lasting more or less years depending on the policy. 

According to the Insurance Law, health insurance is automatically extended every December 31 unless one of the two parties requests the opposite. This constitutes that the duration of an insurance contract is set in periods of twelve months by calendar years. 

What happens if you have NOT signed a life clause? 

Some health insurers may cancel the policy when the client reach a certain age or suffer very serious illnesses. 

How can we protect ourselves against this? 

Take out a health insurance with those who are willing to be with us for the rest of our life, including a non-cancellation clause for reasons of age or use. This will guarantee that the health insurance will remain in force regardless of how many years go by or the expenses that the company has to assume. 

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